Thursday, January 22, 2015

Best of Bob Backlund Part1

I figured I would try something new and go through some Best of Bob Backlund that I recently acquired.  I will attempt to get through the entire set but that seems easier said than done.  I also have some other projects planned including a look into a forgotten Undertaker match from the early 90's.

Johnny Rodz/Baron von Raschke/Gashouse Gilbert v. Bob Backlund/Chief Jay Strongbow/Billy White Wolf Referee-Dick Woehrle Philadelphia, PA-Philadelphia Arena May 3,1977
Gashouse Gilbert
This was a pretty chaotic match and Backlund was very well protected. He was the only guy who really never took offense. Everything was back and forth with a ton of tags and double teams. Rodz came off the top a couple times on White Wolf. 

Backlund later made a hot tag on Baron and dared Rodz to come in the ring to face him. Bob got distracted and Baron nailed him from behind and tagged Gilbert who hit a headscissors on Bob but then ate a big scoop slam. 

 Strongbow came in but Gilbert hits a dropkick and then, Jay hit a slingshot into the corner. 
Rodz came in and held Jay in the ropes and ran onto him with a knee/leg. He then tried a second time and totally missed. 

 Rodz was all over the place, by now, and he ended up walking into the face corner and got clobbered. Jay was still in the heel corner as Gilbert held him, Baron ran at him, and accidentally hit Gilbert instead of Backlund. Later, all six guys were in and the heels were thrown into each other followed by a big Atomic Drop on Rodz by Backlund for the pin.

White Wolf, Backlund, and Jay had already teamed prior to this match on March 1 in Philadelphia, against Baron Mikel Scicluna, JoJo Andrews, & Sylvano Sousa. Backlund made his WWWF debut against Rocky Tamayo on December 7, 1976 in Philadelphia and he wrestled Rodz on the same card for a later Championship Wrestling television airing. On the May 3 tapings, Backlund also beat Jan Nelson with the Atomic Drop.

"Gas House" Doug Gilbert was not the same, younger Doug Gilbert who was brothers with Eddie.