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EVOLVE 12 iPPV Review

Caleb Konley w/Johnny Fairplay and Amanda v. Adam Page v. Jake Manning
No one really stood out here except for Page as he had more big moves. Page hit a moonsault off the apron onto both guys. Konley jumped off the top and Page countered with a spinning heel kick. Later, he hit a standing shooting star press to Manning. Konley missed a moonsault and ate a dropkick from the top by Page. The finish was Manning hitting a back breaker/neck breaker combo. Nothing spectacular here, just a fast paced opener that ended a little early.

Mike Cruz v. Alex Reynolds
Reynolds does not work a high flying style, at least not in this match. Cruz looked very athletic and has potential to be more in this company but he needs work as he botched a couple things. The crowd was into Cruz a lot and he hit a springboard blockbuster late in the match. They had an exchange of roll-ups until Reynolds bridged during one and won. This was better than the opener and a good contrast to it.

Low-Ki v. Jigsaw
This was a pretty good match. They were even in the beginning but Ki got control and started working on Jigsaw's upper body. Ki was dominant for a while here. Jigsaw hit a dropkick and a crossbody and finally got some offense in. Ki was up top but Jigsaw hit an amazing leaping huricanrana from the mat. This was probably my favorite move of the night as it looked great. Jigsaw missed a superkick and a sunset flip, the latter of which was countered with a double stomp and then Ki hit the Ki Crusher for the win. After the match, Ki said he's tired of seeing guys in EVOLVE trying to be something they're not and he said the wrestlers need to be men in this ring. I'd say this was Low-Ki's best match in EVOLVE.

Finlay v. Jon Davis
Wonderful match and the best of the show easily. It was very slow and deliberate but it worked out well. They tried to feel each other out at first but Finlay got control and was relentless as he focused on Davis' leg. Lots of submissions and Davis was on the bottom for a while. Davis tried to use his long legs to get out of a submission but Finlay noticed this and chucked him outside, where he smashed his leg into the post. He kept on his leg until he tried to pin Davis who countered it into a Fujiwara arm bar. From then on, Davis was in control with several power moves that were in total contrast to the beginning segment of the match. Finlay had him in a sleeper that effective until Davis hit a huge spinebuster. However, Finlay quickly locked in a tombstone and won the match. Afterwards, Finlay put Davis over and wanted the crowd to applaud him. He also said Sami Calihan could be a champion anywhere but he needs to get his head straight which prompted Sami out to tell him to mind his business.

Chuck Taylor/Silas Young w/Swamp Monster and Jake Manning v. Samuray Del Sol/Johnny Gargano
I was busy writing up the last match with the sound off and didn't realize intermission was over so I missed a few minutes of this. They played up the Gargano/Taylor feud and these guys didn't touch until later in the match. Del Sol looked great but was isolated by Young and Taylor. Young looks like a cross between Jake Roberts and Jimmy Del Ray, in terms of appearance. Del Sol's til-a-whirl DDT led to the hot tag to Gargano who did a suicide dive onto Taylor after taking out Young. That was the first time they touched during the match. He hit a springboard DDT onto Young and joined Del Sol in some double offense, which the crowd ate up. Gargano hit La Mistica into the Gargano Escape but couldn't make Taylor tap. Young was outside and Del Sol hit a huge somersault plancha. However, Taylor hit the Awful Waffle piledriver inside the ring on Gargano for the win. Who the hell picks some of these horrible move names? Now, Taylor gets to pick the stips for his upcoming match with Gargano and all he wants is a shot at the Open The Freedom Gate Title. This was a decent match but it's very hard to take Taylor seriously with guys like the Swamp Monster around. He always looks like a skinny, goofball geek. Gargano needs more fire too. As I've said before, he carries himself well but comes across as a little dull in his matches. I had a tough time believing the hatred between Taylor and Gargano, similar to EVOLVE 11.

El Generico v. Ricochet
This was probably the third best match on the show. At first, I wasn't feeling it but it got better towards the end. Early, Ricochet hit a headscissors followed by a slingshot rana following by a big dropkick. That rana looked especially good. Low-Ki was on commentary and sounded absolutely abysmal. Generico kept missing his big boot and Ricochet would counter them. Ricochet hit a reverse rana that got a two-count. This was the beginning of these guys kicking out of a ton of big moves. Generico hit a Michinoku Driver and his Blue Thunder Bomb. Ricochet hit a big flip from the top that everyone thought was the finish. Both guys were jockeying around the the corner but Ricochet won out and hit his 630 splash and won. Generico kept eyeing Ki during the match. Afterwards, Ricochet challenged Ki who accepted with a handshake. Ki then told Generico that if he doesn't change, he'll turn into a disgrace.

Sami Callihan v. AR Fox-Evolution's End Match
The rules were that inside the ring normal rules apply but outside anything goes. This match was a huge example of shit psychology with guys just doing moves. Callihan had the advantage outside early and suplexed Fox onto a chair. Then, he pulled out barbed wire and wrapped it around Fox's mouth and pulled back on it. This was early in the match here guys. They brawled a lot outside in this match and pulled out a ladder, chairs, and a table. Shortly after his beating outside, Fox was back in the ring doing athletic stuff with no selling of anything. Sami hit a superplex off the ladder and the ropes into the ring. Fox was hitting big stuff after that like a springboard ace crusher and a top-rope swanton. Callihan gained control and reversed a top-rope move of Fox into a top-rope German Suplex. This still wasn't the finish. Fox got control back and hit a somersault plancha over the ladder onto a table and Callihan outside. This still wasn't the finish. Fox then hit a springboard 450 inside the ring for the finish finally. Avoid this match.

This show was easily the best EVOLVE show I've seen with a couple really good matches and a couple entertaining, decent matches. That main event did suck though and I have no idea why they keep pushing Callihan so much. The commentary and the feed was really good, except for a small interruption during the Finlay/Davis match. The attendance must have been really low as the place looked empty. That Finlay/Davis match is worth tracking down and the Generico/Ricochet and Ki/Jigsaw matches were good. Although, I do get the feeling that EVOLVE needs good veterans to make the regulars look really good. I would recommend EVOLVE 13 though after watching this show.

This is the only show I'm getting this weekend as I've got dinner tomorrow with the parents and my wife. I'll be back in a couple days with a 1979 MSG WWWF show and the next Primetime 88 show, all with pics.


Steve Viglio

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