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Chikarasaurus Rex iPPV Review

Ophidian v. Ultra Mantis Black
This was for the moniker of the most devious person in Chikara and it had lots of action and served as a good opener. Back and forth in the beginning and Mantis hit a DDT early, along with a senton and a double underhook suplex. Ophidian got control, grabbed Mantis' head, ran towards the ropes and dove out sending Mantis throat first. Ophidian took off some of his gear and used it to choke Mantis. Ophidian went up top but was caught and Mantis hit a double underhook superplex and his comeback. He hit the Ocean Cyclone but Ophidian kicked out. Ophidian got up top and hit double knees and then did it again to a prone Mantis. He went outside and grabbed Mantis' staff and brought it in. However, the ref grabbed it and put it away allowing Ophidian to use his red mist and a small package but Mantis kicked out. Mantis won with his Preying Mantis Bomb though.

Dasher Hatfield/Mr. Touchdown v. Colt Cabana/Mixed Martial Archie
This might have been my favorite match of the night and showed off how fun Chikara is. Hatfield spanked Archie but Archie ended up putting him in a triangle choke. Later, Colt tagged in Archie and he jumped off the top and immediately hit a take down on Hatfield and then a strike on Touchdown. Cabana got in a springboard moonsault on both of his opponents and double bionic elbows. Colt missed a corner flying apple and got double teamed. Archie had been previously taken out by a spinebuster on the ramp and by the time Colt went for the tag, his partner wasn't there. Mr. Touchdown ended up throwing Hatfield and Cabana outside but out came Archibald Peck to take him on and the place went crazy. Peck took control until Veronica came out to ringside and he ate an ace crusher by Touchdown as a result. Cabana hit his flying apple and Dasher hit a baseball slide. Afterwards, Veronica entered the ring and left her baton in the middle for Touchdown and Peck to fight over. Dasher saw this, grabbed it, and took it out of the ring like a good rules follower. This allowed for Touchdown to nail Peck with his football helmet and Dasher turned around and pinned Peck. Hatfield and Touchdown, the Throwbacks, got three points for title contention. After the match, Veronica came in and kissed Touchdown right in front of Peck and he left in total despair. There were also chants of JC Football for Touchdown.

Icarus v. Gran Akuma-Ladder Match with Akuma's contract for reinstatement hanging above the ring
These guys worked hard in this one and killed each other and the ref was Greg Iron. This was only the second ladder match in Chikara history. Akuma got the ladder first but Icarus gained control and dumped it right onto Akuma. He hit a somersault slingshot onto the ladder and Akuma. Akuma fought back though and powerbombed Icarus into the ladder that was set-up in the corner. Akuma tried to climb up but Icarus grabbed him and delivered a German Suplex. Icarus put the ladder in the corner but he ended up being thrown into and Akuma went to the back and got a second ladder. This backfired on him and Icarus later hit the Blu-Ray/DVD into the ladder in the corner. Icarus climbed up but Akuma tipped the ladder over from under Icarus. Moments later, Akuma nailed a DVD onto the ladder and climbed the other ladder and hit a frog splash. At this point, Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano came out and threw Iron outside. They proceeded to grab a table and set it up before Iron came back in with a chain and chased them back. Akuma nailed a powerbomb off the ladder through the table and climbed up and got his contract. Pretty decent stuff here.

The Batiri v. Sara Del Rey/Saturyne-3 on 2 Intergender Match
This match was pretty good too. The Batiri brought toilet paper to throw into the crowd. Del Rey and Saturyne had control early on and looked great but Saturyne got thrown out leading to Del Rey isolation and 3 on 1 attacks. Kobald did hit a slingshot splash before Del Rey regained control. She hit a massive somersault on all three guys from the apron followed by a Saturyne springboard crossbody on all three. Delirious came down and distracted Obariyon and Kodama but they came back to the ring and hit big moves on Saturyne. Del Rey came in and gave a German Suplex to Kodama and the faces were in control. However, Delirious came in and attacked them both and the ref called for the bell and awarded Del Rey and Saturyne the DQ victory. Afterwards, Delirious kissed the foreheads of The Batiri, left and they all followed.

Tim Donst v. Hallowicked-Mask v. Hair Match
Hallowicked brought out his Young Lion's trophy and Donst brought out his coveted 2010 trophy. This was another pretty solid match. Donst had control and gave him a nipple twister but Wicked nailed a sit-out spinebuster and they were both down. Wicked got up and nailed a snap mare from the top and his Go to Sleepy Hallow move but only got a two. Later, Donst delivered a powerbomb and pinned him, trying to hook the ropes with his feet but the ref caught on. Donst hit a belly-to-belly suplex into the corner but only got a nearfall. He then tried for a belly-to-belly superplex but was blocked and Wicked hit a sit-out spinebuster from the top. Wicked then accidently nailed the ref, put in the Chikara Special, and Donst tapped. Wicked went to check on the ref and Donst grabbed a chair. Wicked saw this and grabbed Donst's coveted trophy and they squared off. Hallowicked threw the trophy at Donst who caught it and ate a kick. Donst later hit a low blow and used his shoe lace to chokeout Wicked, who went unconscious. Donst won until the ref saw the shoe lace and ordered the match to restart. Hallowicked then hit a kick into a submission and made Donst tap. After the match, he cut the hair of Donst who ended up looking like a black haired, younger Hulk Hogan.

17/The Shard/assailANT/combatANT/deviANT v. Eddie Kingston/Soldier Ant/Green Ant/Jigsaw/Mike Quackenbush
Would you believe this was the first Quackenbush match I've ever seen? He was filling in for Fire Ant in this one. This thing was wild and crazy at times. Quackenbush hit a somersault plancha on all five of his opponents. Soldier Ant had his mask almost taken off several times. Lots of action here that led to Green Ant jumping off a balcony and diving onto all five guys. The finish was the Mega Any Hill by Soldier Ant onto 17 and then the Chikara Special and 17 tapped. Several times during this match, all ten guys were in and it was hectic. Good, fun match.

Chuck Taylor/Johnny Gargano v. The Young Bucks-Tag Title Match, 2 of 3 falls
Taylor and Gargano are the champs. Lots of fast action and moves in this one with lots of heat. Tons of double team stuff. Gargano stayed isolated and set-up a Taylor tag and Matt Jackson was in trouble for a little bit but he ended up rolling up Taylor for the first fall.

Nick Jackson started the second fall with a double crossbody and he was on fire. Gargano was isolated again and Matt hooked in an abdominal stretch and I thought that was nice. Nick accidently kicked his brother in the face which led to a Taylor tag and a springboard dropkick. Taylor then hit a somersault plancha onto both Bucks and won the second fall with his own roll-up.

All four guys were in for the third fall with lots of high flying stuff and too much to keep track of. Gargano ate a double team ace crusher and both teams traded moves for a while until they were both down. Matt hit a spike DDT onto Gargano on the apron. Taylor and Matt were back in the ring dueling with forearms but Chuck won out and hooked in his half-crab that was broken up by Nick. Nick ate some superkicks and got thrown right into Matt as a lawn dart. Gargano then hit the Hurts Donut for a two-count. However, Gargano missed a dive and fell right on the ramp face-first. The ref was distracted and Matt nailed Taylor with a tag belt but he kicked out. The Bucks hit a double team tombstone and then they hit More Bang for Your Buck for the win and new champs.

I'm still not too sold on the Bucks. This match had way too many moves and no rest time at all to let everything sink in. That appears to be the problem with some indy matches these days. More moves does not always equal a better match.

This was my first Chikara show ever and I liked it a lot. This company is fun and unique and they stand out more than any other company today, which is good. The commentary was good, for the most part, besides some high pitched calls that made Joey Styles cringe. The GFL broadcast was much better than the last ROH shows on the network and I had no problems with the feed at all. Count me in for their next iPPV and I hope they do a lot more as Chikara was very fun and entertaining.

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Steve Viglio

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