Monday, June 18, 2012

Things That Never Were: Road Warrior Animal and Crush team up in 1992

 My original plans for going over a best of Demolition set have fallen through because the picture quality was actually worse than these pics.  I had a 1977 MSG show planned but that thing isn't working on my PC at all.  So, I really wanted to write about something unique and I decided to finally watch an old 1992 WWF house show where Animal and Crush teamed up against the Beverly Brothers.  This show took place in Germany on September 25, 1992 and Crush had re-debuted as a face in April 1992.  By this point, Hawk was gone from the WWF but Animal and even Paul Ellering remained.  In what appeared to be an experiment, the WWF began pairing Animal and Crush up for several shows in Europe and the States, only house shows though.  Paul Ellering even joined them in a couple six man matches.  Animal would not last long in the WWF after these team-ups though.  Their chemistry wasn't there and often times, Animal looked way better than Crush.  Animal was isolated and he made the hot tag to Crush who was very underwhelming.  This was only supposed to be a temporary thing for the European tour, as Animal wanted his brother Marc to be his new partner.  There was talk of possibly keeping this team going but the plans were nixed.  It's very interesting to see what could have been in pro wrestling.  Sorry that the pics aren't very good but it's the best I could do.  Credit to Dave Meltzer and the WON for the info in the last couple sentences. 

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