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Midwest Wrestling April 22, 2012 Review

The Midwest Wrestling show in Niles, OH was at the Niles Wellness Center and here's my review, forgive me if some of the names are incorrect though...

Drake Younger v. Michael Elgin-Seeing Elgin in person was nice as he's a big fella!  Younger came out before Elgin and made fun of some fans and said he would beat Elgin tonight.  He also told the fans that they were blessed to be able to watch him.  Drake attacked him early but Elgin stayed on top in the beginning.  Drake put Elgin over a lot as Elgin hit a huge vertical suplex and a bicycle kick.  At one point, Elgin hit a German suplex into the corner!  Drake hit some big moves too with a Tiger Driver and a Michinoku Driver, and the latter was the finish.  This was a pretty good opener and was quite competitive and Elgin carries himself well.

Irish Jack v. Mikey-Jack was doing a drunk Irish gimmick and Mikey was supposed to be like a small child and the crowd loved him.  Mikey worked from the bottom most of the time and hit his comeback but ended up missing a top-rope headbutt.  He did win when Jack had a sleeper on him but Mikey slammed him down.  As stated before, Mikey was a crowd-pleaser and was quite unique.

Eddie Graves v. Darin Corbin-This was entertaining for the crowd.  Graves was doing a rocker gimmick and both guys started an air guitar duel to "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi, mid-match, and even the ref joined in.  Corbin must have a Randy Orton obsession as he did Orton's DDT and RKO, and also hit a sunset flip powerbomb of the top.  Graves kicked Corbin and pinned him in a soft finish. 

Sex Bobombs (Fitchett and Vega) v. Cornell/Gott-I thought this was match of the night.  Lots of fast action here as Vega hit a rana and Fitchett nailed a nice flying headscissors.  Cornell and Gott managed to isolate Fitchett, setting up the hot tag to Vega.  More good double team action came when Vega hit a codebreaker, held him there, and Fitchett stood on top of the guy's back and hit a moonsault.  Later Cornell and Gott tried something similar.  The finish was a double team set-up into a dropkick by Vega for the pin.

Justin Mane v. Gregory Iron-Mane came out and said he would show no mercy to Iron.  Mane carried himself well even though he gives off a Buff Bagwell vibe.  Early, Mane faked an arm injury and even got the refs to help him to the back as Iron followed, only to attack Iron and lead him back to the ring.  Mane was on top but Iron hit his comeback and hit a suicide dive to Mane.  However, Mane would win with a TKO.

Joey The Snake v. Austin Manixx-This was a pretty basic match and Joey seemed a little gassed by the end.  Joey hit a neckbreaker into a pin and held the tights for the win.

Gory v. Bobby Beverley v. ACH-Three Way Elimination-This was very fast in the beginning with lots of action, thanks to ACH but some of it felt like ballet.  ACH was the first to get eliminated by a head submission and the match got tighter after this.  Gory missed a big splash from the top and then, Bobby won with a powerslam.  This was probably the second best match of the night although I wasn't too into Gory.

Aaron Epic/Arik Cannon v. B.J. Whitmer/Rickey Shane Page-Tag Team Warfare-Early on, this was just brawling inside and outside.  Later, Page got isolated and the heels (Epic/Cannon) did all the usual tag team stuff building to a Whitmer hot tag.  Page managed a powerbomb into the corner but Epic was able to score the pin over Page.  This was a match where everyone seemed to blend in and nothing and no one stood out.

Overall, I thought it was a fun, enjoyable show but attendance seemed low.  I'm not really sure how they made any money off this show with around 50-60 in attendance but I hope they're able to continue promoting the product.  I did think that the first half was much better than the second half, especially that main event.  The whole event had great heat and the kids really enjoyed everything as they presented a good, traditional family show.  I'm not sure that anyone really came to see B.J. Whitmer even though he was put in a high spot on the card.  I recommend checking them out, if you're around the area.

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