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WrestleMania XXVIII Review

Daniel Bryan v. Sheamus-World Heavyweight Title-Bryan was pretty over tonight but as soon as the match began Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick and won in 28 seconds.  *

Team Johnny is in the back and The Miz tries to pump everyone up but they disregard him.  Lauranaitis comes in and says when his team wins it will be comparable to when Hulk slammed Andre and when Stone Cold wouldn't submit to the Sharpshooter at WM13.

Kane v. Orton-Not much to this match.  There was a Daniel Bryan chant though.  Kane had 3 different chinlocks on Orton.  Kane went up top and jumped but Orton countered with a dropkick.  Orton went for punt but Kane countered it into a chokeslam.  They ended up on the top rope and Randy looked like he was going for an RKO but Kane ended up hitting a top rope chokeslam for the win.  The finish was pretty decent.  *3/4

Santino, Captain Keith from Deadliest Catch, and Mick Foley are all at a table with crabs on their plates in front of them and they did a skit.  Foley pulled out Socko and Santino had the cobra and they ate until Ron Simmons came from behind and said damn.  This was sort of humerous, I thought.

Cody Rhodes v. The Big Show-Intercontinental Title-Cody needed this win but he didn't get it.  Cody got some offense in and hit his Disaster Kick.  He went for it again but Show countered with a spear and then he hit the WMD for the win.  No wonder no one takes Cody seriously when they don't give him a much needed singles win.  *1/2

They showed a Divas video.

Eve/Beth Phoenix v. Maria Menounos/Kelly Kelly-Daniel Bryan chants again.  Maria was on the bottom during most of her time in-ring but she didn't take any bumps or anything, just selling and her facials were horrible.  Maria got the win by rolling up Beth.  This match was terribly terrible.  *

Matt Striker interviewed Shawn Michaels and he came out to ref the next match.
Jim Ross was out to call this match.  Undertaker v. HHH-Hell in the Cell-Up until now, the night was horrible but this brightened up everything.  Taker had a great outfit and his haircut wasn't bad, just a mohawk.  HHH came out through a skull's mouth display on the stage.  The match started slow with a lot of brawling outside by Taker.  Taker did hit his apron legdrop on HHH and he used the steps on him and brought them in the ring.  HHH went for a Pedigree on the steps but Taker countered it.  However, HHH hit his spinebuster on the steps soon after but right away, Taker hit the Hell's Gate choke.  This was then countered by HHH with a powerbomb similar to the Silva/Rampage PRIDE fight a couple years ago.  HHH went for a chair and started laying into Taker heavily.  HBK finally got the chair away from him and he told him to cover him and end it.  HHH pushed HBK out of the way and grabbed the chair again.  HBK pleaded with Taker to stop the match but Taker said no, don't stop it.  HHH now went for the sledgehammer as he was telling HBK to end it.  He kept telling him this, by this point.  HHH aimed the sledgehammer as if to crush Taker's head like a watermelon but HBK pulled it away.  HHH still told HBK to end it and Shawn almost did but he hesitated and Taker put the Hell's Gate on HBK.  HHH saved him but Taker started fighting back.  He put the choke on HHH and he was passed out but HBK was still down.  Charles Robinson came running down and Taker hit a chokeslam but only got a two-count.  So, Taker grabbed Robinson and chokeslammed him.  He went for the tombstone which was reversed into HBK hitting the superkick on Taker.  HHH hit the Pedigree but only got a two and HBK couldn't believe.  After HBK was thrown out of the ring by HHH, Taker went on an assault and hit the tombstone but couldn't get him.  Both guys were down but they began to move, hitting each other on the way up.  They both battled back and forth and went for their finishers but both failed.  Taker went for the chair and HHH went for the sledge.  Taker beat him to the punch and stepped on the sledgehammer and he went to town with the chair.  HBK was pleading with Taker to stop and he even blocked a sledgehammer shot, grabbed it, and threw it out of the ring.  HHH is up but he knows he's done for and he gives Taker the crotch chop and Taker hit him with the sledge.  Taker pulled him up and tombstoned him for the win.  Taker had welts all over his back after this match.  HBK helped up Taker and they hugged and then they both helped up HHH and all three exited.  When they got to the top of the ramp they hugged.

This match was beyond epic and needs to be watched.  The drama was there, just like last year, but it was even better.  The story was great as HBK kept pleading with both guys to stop but they kept fighting.  The crowd reaction was simply amazing.  This was the most epic match ever in WrestleMania history and maybe even in WWE history.  *****

The Hall of Fame guys came out like they do every year, with intros from Howard Finkel.

They did a stupid Flo-Rida and Heath Slater segment where Slater got beat up.

Team Teddy v. Team Johnny-Everyone and their mother was out for this but no one cared until the very end.  Lauranaitis had an all white suit on with a red tie.  Lawler saw this and said his suit would give Brother Love a heart attack.  If Bruce Pritchard gets better from his heart attack, he might find that line funny.  The highlight of this match was Ryder, Kofi, and Truth hitting triple somersault planchas on Team Johnny.  In the end, Ryder was on fire and the crowd loved him.  He went for the Ruff Ryder on the Miz but was thrown over into Ziggler.  He went for the Broski Boot but Eve got in the ring and went for it too.  Ryder stopped to get her and Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.  Afterwards, Eve kicked Ryder in the balls.  *1/2

CM Punk v. Chris Jericho-WWE Title-This was a solid little match but it lacked heat.  Punk's pop was soft and the crowd seemed to care more about Jericho throughout the match.  My guess is that the Taker/HHH match took a lot out of the crowd.  Before the match, Ace told Punk that if he got DQ'ed, he would lose the belt.  Jericho began by antagonizing Punk, trying to get him disqualified.  Punk went for a chair, and went to swing it at him but stopped.  This match had a ton of counters back and forth.  Jericho hit the codebreaker but Punk rolled out of the ring.  After Jericho got him back in, Punk hit the GTS but Jericho had his foot on the ropes.  Both men were up top and Punk went for a rana but Jericho countered it into the Walls of Jericho.  Later, Punk went for his springboard clothesline but Jericho countered it into the codebreaker.  The match was starting to get a little heat by now.  They countered a lot of moves in the finale with a lot of pin attempts but in the end, Punk slapped on the Anaconda Vise and won.  They made Punk look really good during this match.  The match didn't start really heating up until the last few minutes and it needed some heat but it was still pretty good and worth tracking down.  ****

Brodus Clay came out and told everyone to get their phones and call their mamas.  He called his and she said she was in the building and he told her to come out.  A woman with a dress, grey wig, and a butt pad came out and danced along with like twenty more similarly dressed dancers.  They all danced.

P. Diddy came out to intro MGK, who played his song for Cena.  Also, Flo-Rida came out and played his songs for The Rock.
John Cena v. The Rock-Tons of heat for this match, as expected.  This was your typical Mania, Hogan-esque match.  Cena dominated in the beginning and even had a bearhug on Rocky.  He went after his ribs which got injured from a table bodyslam outside.  Rock went for the elbow but failed and Cena went for the STF instead.  He hit the 5-knuckle shuffle but missed with the AA and they both hit clotheslines at the same time.  Cena hit an AA and got a two-count and then Rock hit the Rock Bottom for a two-count.  The crowd was mixed by this point.  Cena went up top and landed a sick rocker dropper and landed on Rock's back and neck.  His AA missed and Rock hit a spinebuster into a sharpshooter but Cena got to the ropes.  Rock put it on again and Cena broke the hold.  Later, Cena went for a sunset flip from the apron and nailed the STF out of it.  The Rock was still in it and nailed a spinebuster into the People's Elbow.  Cena then tried for a superplex but it was blocked and The Rock nailed a crossbody instead.  Cena rolled through, hoisted the Rock onto his shoulders, and hit the AA.  Now, Cena got cocky and tried for his own People's Elbow and he looked like a total douche doing it!  As he was running towards The Rock for the elbow, Rock was up and hit the Rock Bottom for the win.  Cena was upset that he lost and the crowd went home happy.  This was a pretty solid match and worth the wait.  It wasn't a show stealer or anything but it was pretty good.  One has to think The Rock will be back at some point since he won this one.  ***3/4

Overall, this Mania was a hell of a lot better than last year's with three pretty solid matches including that epic Taker/HHH match.  That is certainly a match of the year candidate.  The WWE came through with this one but they have to get people to care more about guys like Rhodes, Ziggler, and Punk, especially if they are the future of the company right now.  Although, like I said, the Punk reaction might be due to the Taker/HHH heat.

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