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WWE Extreme Rules 2012-4/29/2012

Randy Orton v. Kane-Falls Count Anywhere-This match ended up better than expected and way better than Mania.  In the beginning, they fought in the fans and circled the arena and then, they fought in the back and came back out.  Kane hit a nice running dropkick in the crowd onto a prone Orton and Orton later nailed a standing dropkick of his own by the entrance.  Orton hit his DDT with Kane on the announce table draping off.  Kane went for a tombstone onto a chair but this was countered into an RKO for the win.  This match had good heat and being the opener, it should.  **

Lauranaitis and Eve are in the back with the roulette wheel gimmick behind them.  Eve made Teddy Long come out with champagne to celebrate the change in the WWE that has been spreading by Ace.  However, his phone rang and it was Triple H and he left to talk with him privately.

Brodus Clay v. Dolph Ziggler-Dolph got a good face reaction from the Chicago crowd.  He was on top most of the match and didn't really bump around too much for Clay until his comeback.  Clay hit his headbutt and Ziggler went flying and then, Brodus hit the splash for the win.  Nothing match.  *

Big Show v. Cody Rhodes-Tables Match-This was explained that during the Youtube preshow, the roulette wheel was spun and it landed on a tables match for the stipulation.  Show dominated but Rhodes got in some tiny offense including a Disaster Kick after springing off a table set-up in the corner.  Show was outside coming back in and Rhodes dropkicked him in the leg and Show's foot went through a table outside and Cody won.  Show was angry and destroyed Cody afterwards, sending him through two tables and came off like a poor sport.  This was a total burial of Cody and it's no wonder the guy isn't taken seriously.  Shit match and nothing to it and it didn't put Cody over in the slightest.  *

Striker interviewed Daniel Bryan and asked him what his advantages were compared to Sheamus.  He started by saying he got more chicks and his beard was way better and that he had all the advantages.  He asked himself if he'd become champ for a second time and he replied yes.  AJ was looking on afterwards.

Daniel Bryan v. Sheamus-2 out of 3 Falls Match-This was a pretty good match with great heat for DB and some booing for Sheamus.  DB tried to outwrestle Sheamus and succeeded and even did his I have until 5 bit.  Bryan went for a top rope rana but it was blocked and then Sheamus hit a battering ram.  Sheamus later went shoulder first into the pole and Bryan started going after the arm/should and this was the story for the rest of the match as Bryan kept working it over and going after it.  Bryan got crazy and kept kicking Sheamus in the shoulder and didn't break after the ref's count and got disqualified for the first fall.  Immediately, Bryan put on the Yes lock and had it in for a good amount of time before the ref called for the bell.  Doctors came in and checked on Sheamus but he said he wanted to continue.  Sheamus went for a superplex later that was blocked and then Bryan missed a headbutt.  Sheamus hit his comeback and hit the Brogue Kick for the win and he got a soft reaction for the win.  The crowd was so into Bryan the whole match and there were even dueling yes/no chants throughout the match.  Pretty good match here and it was given good time.  ***3/4

Ryback v. Aaron Relic/Jay Hatton-These two did a promo about how two is greater than one but they still got demolished.  The crowd was chanting Goldberg a lot and Ryback pinned both guys at the same time for the win.  *

Striker was back with Punk and Punk said he would prove he was the best in the world and that Jericho was going to wake up on Monday with a hangover from the GTS.

CM Punk v. Chris Jericho-Chicago Street Fight-Match of the night here and just a fantastic match with great heat.  They were both dressed in street clothes/jeans and ready to fight.  Punk's mom and sister were in the front-row and Jericho mid-match went and taunted them while Punk was down.  Punk was on the bottom at this point and Punk's sister slapped Jericho and he went to go after her but Punk went right after him.  Punk exploded after this and he even went for a piledriver on the floor but Jericho reversed it.  Jericho had control and the action was back in the ring and he went out and grabbed some beer and poured it all over Punk.  He went and got a second can and drank some but he got caught by Punk.  Punk went for the GTS but it was blocked into a Walls of Jericho attempt that was blocked.  Later, the GTS was blocked twice and Jericho finally hit the Walls and Punk got to the ropes.  However, the move did not have to be broken by Jericho.  Punk reached outside, under the ring, and grabbed a fire extinguisher and blasted it in Jericho's face to break it.  Punk put Jericho on an announce table and nailed his top-rope elbow.  He hit another elbow in the ring and got a two-count and put the Anaconda Vise right in after it.  Jericho grabbed a kendo stick and broke the hold and he hit the Codebreaker using a chair.  Jericho was in control and frustrated that he couldn't put it away.  He went for the GTS but it was countered by Punk into his GTS and Punk won.  After the match, Punk jumped into the crowd and celebrated.  Fantastic match here and it was even better than their Mania match and a great blow-off.  At least I assume it's the blow-off.  The final sprint was a great back and forth battle.  ****1/2

Eve, the Bellas, and Beth Phoenix were backstage and Beth said she still wanted to fight despite her injury.  Eve said she was not medically cleared and would not fight.  She said Nikki would still defend the belt against a surprise opponent and it wasn't Kharma and the Bellas were relieved.

Nikki Bella v. Layla-Divas Title-The Bellas both said before the match that Nikki would end up as the longest reigning Divas champ in history which meant she was losing.  Layla came out and had the match which really had no heat.  Nikki went after Layla's injured knee.  Layla hit a springboard crossbody but the Bellas ended up doing the switcheroo in the match and Brie came in.  Layla hit a neckbreaker and won the title.  *

Ace was in the back and Striker wanted to know what him and Triple H had to talk about and he said it would be discussed on Monday night.

Brock Lesnar v. John Cena-Extreme Rules Match-This was actually a good match with about the shittiest finish they could possibly come up with.  The WWE had one job to do with this match and that was to put over Brock.  Cena had more heat than Brock though, which has been the case throughout the whole buildup.  Cena ran right at Lesnar who took him down and hit some hard elbows which busted Cena open.  Lesnar dominated the entire match but Cena would bounce back and hit a move or two and then get shut back down.  The story was that Cena would not quit and kept coming at Brock.  Lesnar looked like a monster during this whole match until the finish.  The ref got hit at one point and another came out later.  Lesnar had Cena's chain and tied it around Cena's ankles and even tied him up onto one of the steel posts.  Lesnar nailed the F5 and hit the ref again.  Another ref came in and counted two and Brock destroyed him and more refs came out shortly after.  Brock brought in the steps and later, went flying off them at Cena and they both went over the top-rope.  Lesnar went souring here.  He tried again but Cena had the chain and punched him with it and Lesnar started bleeding.  Cena hit the AA on the steps and won.  Congratulations, Brock is no longer a draw.  Afterwards, Cena grabbed the mic and said he'd probably be going on vacation for a while but he was glad his wild ride ended in Chicago.  This was a great match and told a good story of how Cena kept fighting back and it had great heat but the finish was shit.  Lesnar needed to win this and now that he hasn't, he looks like any other guy on the roster.  My guess is he will probably only draw at Mania next year if the match is right.  I get that they were maybe setting up for a re-match here but Lesnar should have just won and Cena would take his break, and come back for vengeance.  Honestly, how much does Cena need to be protected?  Was one loss going to kill him?  The WWE really screwed up here with Lesnar so early and this shows how behind the times they really are.  ****

This show was just like Mania in that half the matches were great and the rest were shit.  I enjoyed it, despite the Brock/Cena finish.  Although, this has totally killed my interest in buying Lesnar matches.

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