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Dragon Gate USA-Open The Ultimate Gate PPV Review 3-30-2012

I just got done watching the $1.99 PPV from DGUSA and it was worth it for the price point.  Here's the review...

AR Fox v. Rich Swann-Decent opener with a lot of spots.  Swann hit a somersault dropkick that looked impressive.  Fox had a great spinning fisherman's buster and a flip headbutt in the corner that looked fantastic.  Lots of heat for this match and it was well deserved with all the moves they showcased.  I loved the springboard reverse somersault cannonball to the outside by Fox, and it was probably my favorite move of the night.  However, I'm not sure the name of the move is correct!  Fox won by running and grabbing Swann on the top rope and hitting an SAT moonsault splash off the top.  ** and a half

CIMA/Ricochet interview as CIMA was injured last night at the DGUSA show and they have to vacate their tag titles.  Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano come out and Taylor says that they should just give them the belts since they were supposed to fight CIMA and Ricochet.  Gargano stops him and says he doesn't want to win them that way.  Masato Yoshino comes out and wants to be Ricochet's partner for tonight and Ricochet accepts.

Caleb Konley/Scott Reed (The Scene) v. Bobby Fish/Tommy Dreamer-I absolutely hated the entrance of The Scene with Larry Dallas and three chicks (one of whom, I believe, was Shelly Martinez) doing all sorts of sexual movements and innuendos.  The line was crossed in terms of taste and this came across really bad.  This match was an average tag match with nothing spectacular.  Dreamer did his old Francine piledriver spot on Steffi (one of the chicks) and he also did his old ECW spanking spot on Shelly.  Fish's offense looked dull and lacked fire.  I was really wanting to like him as he carried himself like a young Dean Malenko but I couldn't get into him.  He won with his Fishhook leg submission.  * and a quarter

Sami Callihan v. BxB Hulk-Calihan played the disrespectful heel all night long, starting with this match.  He dumped Hulk on his head in the beginning that looked crazy.  Hulk had some big kicks and Christina Von Eerie came out to watch the match.  Sami hit a suicide dive on Hulk and then sent him flying into the first row.  Hulk messed up a springboard but it was covered up nicely by the announcing.  Von Eerie got up on the apron with Hulk's wine, drank some, and spit it into Hulk's face.  Sami hit a flip suplex and won and he celebrated with Von Eerie.  ** and a quarter

Sami cut a promo on Sabu, his opponent for tomorrow's show.  This led to Sabu coming out and a big brawl ensued that resulted in a match.
Jon Davis/Sabu v. Arik Cannon/Pinkie Sanchez-This was a terribly average brawl with tables that you'd expect from Sabu.  I couldn't stand Sanchez as he kept gyrating during the match and his nickname was The Sexual Spidermonkey.  He doesn't look all that hot with his frame and his hair but oh well.  Davis hit a spinning powerbomb on Cannon from his back for the win.  Calihan then came back and attacked Sabu.  *

Masaaki Mochisuki v. Akira Tozawa-This was a pretty decent match and they worked hard out there.  Tozawa hit a suicide dive and immediately tried for a second but was cut off.  Right after that, he tried for a third and nailed it.  Tozawa hit some Kobashi chops in the corner on Mochisuki.  Tozawa later hit a big German Suplex off the top followed by another German on the mat.  They battled back and forth towards the end but Mochisuki hit a springboard kick off the top similar to Cody Rhodes but better, for the win.  Von Eerie, who was in Tozawa's corner attacked Mochisuki after the match.  This match felt like a battle and I enjoyed and it probably my match of the night.  ***

Johnny Vandal v. Samurai Del Sol-I think it was at this point that they stopped showing intro graphics for each wrestler.  This was short but fun as Samurai was hitting some flying moves.  The finish was Samurai springboarding onto Vandal's shoulders and hitting a reverse rana.  **

Low-Ki v. PAC-I really expected this match to be totally amazing but I felt it lacked something.  They battled back and forth for the entire match.  They mat wrestled a lot in the beginning.  PAC hit a moonsault too the outside off the top-rope and Ki barely made it back inside afterwards.  Ki went for the Warrior's Way but PAC stopped it and hit a top-rope rana.  However, he missed a twisting splash and Ki then hit the Warrior's Way for the win.  Ki looked very solid and PAC was good, as far as workrate.  He lacks charisma, or at least, in this match he did.  Ki called out the rosters of DGUSA and Evolve afterwards.  ***

Johnny Gargano/Chuck Taylor v. Ricochet/Masato Yoshino-Gargano didn't look too bad and he carries himself well for an indy wrestler.  Yoshino was amazing every time he got in there and very fast.  I really want to see more of him.  A couple of moonsault hits and misses and we saw a big flipping somersault senton by Ricochet on Gargano.  Lots of moves in this match.  Ricochet hit a 630 splash off the top on Gargano, which was very impressive.  There were some problems between Taylor and Gargano as Taylor broke up a pin by Gargano.  Yoshino hit a weird submission, that honestly I'm not sure what to call it, for the win.  New tag champs are Ricochet and Yoshino.  CIMA got on the mic after the match and wanted to shake hands with Gargano.  Gargano shook his hand but Taylor ended up attacking both guys from behind and leaving.  Taylor comes across like a big indy guy and I'm not into him much.  ** and three quarters

Overall, for the price, I don't regret buying this event although I don't think I'd buy another one at full price.  Most might disagree with me but that's my feelings.  The announcing wasn't too bad until Arik Cannon joined in the last couple matches.  He made some bad references and sounded horrible and even swore a little which comes across bad for a high profile indy company to do.  Gargano has potential and I'd look forward to seeing more of his matches.  Low-Ki looked very solid, as noted, and a lot of the Japanese guys carried themselves well.  I'd would've liked to have seen CIMA as I've never seen any of his stuff yet.  The production values were solid for an indy PPV and there were no issues with sound or from the feed and everything ran smoothly.  Also, there was way too much of Sami Callihan.  To me, he's not very good and his promos are horrible sounding.  I don't know why they were giving him such a big push on this show.

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