Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WrestleMania 28 Predictions

I figure now that the go-home RAW is done and the SD show on Friday is mostly recap stuff, now is the time to do predictions for Sunday.

Cody Rhodes v. The Big Show for the IC Title-Cody really desperately needs this win as they've really only jobbed him out in the past.  The WWE has a big problem with their mid-card heels being taken seriously.  Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes seem to be always thrown to the wolves by jobbing to main event guys in tag matches and singles matches.  Because of that, no one gives a damn about guys like Rhodes, etc.  For example, look at the Royal Rumble where guys like Cody and The Miz got no reaction despite being pushed hard in that match.  This is a big spotlight match for Cody and it would be great to see him get some credibility by beating Show.  Sadly, going by what I just said about the WWE's booking mistakes recently with their heels, I'm predicting Show to win this one.  One other side note that sways me in that direction is the fact that they've been playing up the idea that Show has never really had a defining Wrestlemania moment and he's almost the anti-Undertaker.  This makes me think he will finally get his moment and win the belt.

Team Teddy v. Team Johnny 12-man Tag-I'm already sick of this program and I just want this match to be over.  John Lauranaitis is certainly the stronger of the two characters and he has the most heat.  I'm predicting Ace to win and become GM for both shows.  I hope they keep Teddy around for something at least.

Kelly Kelly/Maria Menounos v. Beth Phoenix/Eve-Maria is injured so don't expect any bumps from her.  She's also the face celebrity here so I expect her team to win in a short match.

Kane v. Randy Orton-The simple fact that Kane has already put over Cena in a one-off feud leads me to believe the same thing will happen with Orton.

Daniel Bryan v. Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Title-Bryan has had a great run as champ and has went from getting no reaction to getting good heat and that's saying something for his talents.  Sheamus is pretty over too and the WWE always books towards face champions.  This has been the case since the WWWF and I don't see it changing now.  Sheamus will win it but I hope they don't forget about Bryan and he can keep his heat.  I would not be surprised to see Bryan win a major title again in the future as the WWE knows he has the talent since he stepped up during this run and got over.

CM Punk v. Chris Jericho for the WWE Title-I don't see the WWE stopping this feud after Mania and for that reason I think Jericho will win.  Should be a pretty decent match and we'll see how it plays out.

Undertaker v. Triple H-I'm going with Taker to win and keep the streak alive.  If Taker plans on coming back again for next year's Mania, it makes complete sense to keep the streak alive.  His streak has gotten bigger and bigger every year and financially, it would be stupid to end it now unless this were Taker's guaranteed last match.  Should be another good match and I wouldn't be surprised to see blood too.  This match has had the best build-up going in to Mania and has a great story connected to it especially with HBK as the ref.  There are so many different stories that can be told in this match and it should be great.

The Rock v. John Cena-There is no question that Cena will get booed out of the building no matter what he does.  Every time I think about this match and the outcome, I think of Lance Storm's theory on sending the fans home happy.  Sure, putting Cena over might seem like good business but it won't send the fans home happy.  The Rock getting the win would be a great story to tell and the majority of people watching would like it and be satisfied with the outcome.  Thus, they might be more willing to give the WWE more business in the future in case another big match rolls along.  With that being said, I do think Cena will win it but they will need to try and get him some approval.  Cena will win clean and maybe a heel will come out and attack The Rock (or vice-versa) and Cena will save him and they'll shake afterwards.  Doing this might turn him in Miami enough so that the people are satisfied with the outcome.  Of course, who would be the heel and why would he be running in to attack someone?  Basically, if Cena does go over, he will get booed completely unless The Rock gives his approval of Cena towards the fans, in some way.  If he wins and this doesn't happen, the viewers might not go home happy, so to speak.  If the WWE is booking towards a rematch, it makes a lot of sense for The Rock to go over though.  We just don't know right now when or if The Rock will be back anytime soon.

The card is stacked and hopefully it will be a good show.  Last year, it seemed like the only good match was Taker/HHH!  I expect to do a small write-up for the show and for some of the other shows over the weekend.  I'm not sure if I'm going to order the Dragon Gate $1.99 show or the ROH shows though.  Either way I'll have write-ups and reviews for whatever I watch.

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