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March 12, 2012 RAW-Attitudinal

This episode in Cleveland advertised both a John Cena rap-off and a Rock concert, so here we go...

The King is out in the ring and he intros Cena who is dressed like it's 2004 with a Cavs jersey and his chain with a lock on it.  He got a ton of heat.  He namedropped Lebron leaving Cleveland and said he's going to give Rock a cleveland steamer.  If only that were the finish for Mania.  He also says he is going to put his nuts in Rock's face.  Cena was entertaining here but he was only out for a couple minutes and his rap didn't really turn a ton of people as he still got a more heat than anything by the end.

Vickie is out right away to good heat as she intros Dolph, the showoff.
Dolph Ziggler v. Sheamus-Ziggler really makes Sheamus' power moves look wonderful.  Dolph began by antagonizing Sheamus a bit but Sheamus shut him down with some throws and takedowns.  Sheamus went to pound him on the ropes but Dolph ran out.  After a commercial, Sheamus hit a clothesline and Dolph made him look great.  They end up outside but Vickie distracts Sheamus so Dolph can crawl under the ring, come out, get behind Sheamus, and dropkick him.  He also threw Sheamus into the announce table.  Sheamus made it into the ring before the ten-count but Dolph stayed on the attack with a chinlock with a body scissors.  This set-up Josh Matthews in a sky box with Daniel Bryan and AJ.  He asked Bryan about him telling AJ to shut up on Smackdown and Bryan was upset.  He said AJ loved him, the feeling was mutual, and the interview was over.  He comes across as very defensive and nervous which Cole played up.  Back to the match, Sheamus hits a comeback and goes for the Celtic Cross. This was countered and Dolph ran towards Sheamus but was thrown up and down face first as a counter by Sheamus.  Dolph got to the top rope though, jumped off, and was caught by Sheamus.  Dolph then countered Sheamus with a crucifix but only got a two.  Sheamus held on to Dolph, picked him up, and slammed him like an AA.  Dolph was in the corner later and Sheamus went after but ran shoulder first into the post.  This prompted Dolph to hit the Namedropper but Sheamus kicked out.  Out of nowhere, Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick for the win.  Pretty decent stuff especially with Dolph bumping left and right for Sheamus.  I can't think of anyone who has made Sheamus look better.  ***

Santino v. Mark Henry/David Otunga-This was supposed to be a mixed tag with Aksana but Johnny Ace came out and changed it to a handicap match involving Mark Henry who is now a member of Team Lauranaitis at Mania.  Teddy came out to protect Aksana which distracted Santino so Otunga could nail him.  Teddy pushed Lauranaitis and the cobra came out.  Henry stopped that quickly and hit the World's Strongest Slam for the finish.  Otunga and Henry continue to beat down Santino until Kofi and later, Truth come out to help but get beaten down too.  *

Eve and Zack Ryder are backstage and Ryder is confused as to why Eve hasn't been responding to him on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Eve says she just wants to be friends with benefits and she sets up dinner with Ryder later.  You know what that means.  Before this, they showed a video from Extra of Maria Menounos interviewing The Bellas and Alicia Fox.  Beth Phoenix approaches Eve and commends her on how well she manipulates men.  Of course, she has only really manipulated Ryder.  Beth is jealous and mad that she wasn't asked to be on Extra and she is pissed at Mari Menounos.  Eve doesn't care and blows off Beth.

The Miz is with Lauranaitis and James Roday from Psych on USA Wednesdays at 9PM (I think).  Miz asks about being at Mania and Ace books him against Punk later and if he wins he can join Team Laruaitis.  Roday was announced as guest announcer for the match and delivered some jokes, most I didn't get.  He came across as way better of an actor than anyone else on the show so far.

Jinder Mahal v. Brodus Clay-Brodus is back in a short match ending in a splash.  Clay seemed less charming than his other appearances.  *

Shawn Michaels is out.  He says that no one in the locker room ever called him a loser or a failure but Taker was excluded because he has been absent and calls him out.  HBK says that they have both always respected one another.  Taker should not have talked behind his back but actually told him how he felt to his face.  Taker says HBK needs to get rid of his insecurities.  HBK then says that Taker feels he still needs to prove himself by keeping the streak going and he knows that HHH can beat him.  Taker can accept the outcome as long as it is fair and isn't tainted by any outside parties involved in the match.  The outcome must be pure or there will be hell to pay.  HBK says the ironic thing is that the guy whose career was ended by Taker could turn Taker into the loser and the failure and he could end the streak afterall.  Taker will win and the streak will continue.  HBK pats him on the shoulder and leaves.  The doubt is in Taker's mind with this great segment.  Great storytelling towards the end.  HHH comes out and gives Taker a suck it and leaves.

James Roday is out and does the worst indy-rific announce job ever.  He dragged out everything and sounded obnoxious.  I imagined him doing every match on every episode!
CM Punk v. The Miz-Neither got a huge reaction.  Nothing match really as Miz didn't get much going.  They went to commercial early and afterwards The Miz had an abdominal stretch locked on.  Punk reversed that though and went into his comeback moves.  Miz hit his DDT though but he missed off the top.  This led to a GTS attempt but it was countered into a Skull Crushing Finale attempt which was countered into the Anaconda Vise for the win.  * and a half.

Jericho is on the tron and says he has figured out why Punk is straight edge.  It is because Punk's father was a drunk and Punk fears he will turn out like him.  Jericho says he will make Punk drink at Mania and he will hit rock bottom.  He will realize his nightmares and finally drink after he loses the WWE title.  Pretty hard stuff as Punk was visibly upset and walked off slowly.  No real reaction to this from the crowd though.

There was a really corny Otunga ad for his lawyer services that mocked other real lawyer ads and it gave out his Twitter account if you need help.

Randy Orton v. Jack Swagger-Swagger got a jobber intro and Orton was constantly looking behind him for Kane.  They had a fireman's carry duel but Orton won out and hit a dropkick too.  Swagger was thrown out and Orton tossed him around everywhere.  The idea is that Orton was more angry because of Kane and more aggressive.  His facials seemed like regular Orton.  After a commercial, Swagger was in control and started working on Orton's leg.  Swagger missed the Swagger Bomb but went for the ankle lock that was countered.  They fought towards the corner and Orton dragged up Swagger and hit a superplex.  He hit his usual stuff like the DDT and powerslam and nailed an RKO for the win.  Afterwards, flames went off and red lighting went on and that's it.  Pretty average match.  * and a half.

The Rock was out for his concert and he said that the crowd set a record for Cleveland as the sell-out record for the WWE at The Q was set tonight.  He called Cena a Marky-Mark wanna-be and said that for the last eight years he has looked like the love child of Vanilla Ice and a Tele-Tubbie.  They showed a graphic of this in case some people didn't understand.  Then came the concert with The Rock reading his lyrics from a sheet in front of him.  The theme was that Cleveland rocks and he sang different verses each one ending with that phrase.  He sang about Cena, Cena and Eve, and made fun of Cena's mom.  He even made fun of grown men who are Cena fans.  Finally, he put the guitar down and sang his own rendition of Queen's We Will Rock You only with lyrics about how Cena sucks.  It was like karaoke night as the lyrics were on the tron and The Rock almost messed up a couple times.  Cena never came out and the show ended.  This was all entertaining but I'm not sure this stuff is going to make anyone buy Mania for this match. 

Average workrate rating:  * and a half

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