Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012 RAW TV

This is the go-home show for WrestleMania so you'd think it would have to be loaded from top to bottom.  Yea, that wasn't the case.  This was a pretty forgettable and bad show.  Here goes nothing...

Randy Orton/Sheamus v. Daniel Bryan/Kane-Cole was putting over Bryan as having beaten guys like Henry and Orton, which sounded good.  Bryan was running from Sheamus every time they were in the ring together.  Sheamus hit a good top rope shoulder block.  Later, Sheamus was knocked outside and Bryan hit a flying knee from the apron.  Orton got in on a hot tag and nailed his powerslam and DDT on Bryan but Orton was slowed down afterwards.  Kane got a top rope clothesline on Orton but Orton ended up making the tag to Sheamus who cleaned house on Bryan.  As Sheamus was going for his kick AJ came in between him and Sheamus missed the kick.  Kane, from the outside, chokeslammed Sheamus and Bryan covered him for the win.  * and three quarters.

In the king of the intros segment, Michael Cole is in the ring with a Team Johnny shirt on as he introduces Lauranaitis.  Ace intros Vickie as his flag bearer for WM and Otunga for his match.  Cole is Team Johnny's commentator and Booker is Team Teddy's commentator, by the way.  Booker intros Teddy who then intros Santino who comes out with Hornswoggle.  Yes, there's a match after all of this, so stay tuned.

Santino v. David Otunga-Nothing to this match as Sanitno hit the cobra on Otunga after Otunga had Teddy's flag and went to hit Hornie but it missed.  Johnny and Teddy go at it as Santino went for the cobra.  However, The Miz ran out and hit the Skullcrushing Finale and saved Ace, who then made him a member of Team Johnny.  This segment was utterly excruciating and probably the worst part of the whole show.  I'm already completely exhausted on this 12-man tag match at Mania.  *

They showed a video recapping the Taker/HHH program.

Eve v. Kelly Kelly-Very short match, as expected I guess.  Kelly hit a big tilt-a-whirl headscissors on Eve that looked a million times better than AJ's La Mistica from Smackdown.  Eve went for a top-rope moonsault but missed it and Kelly rolled her up for the win.  * and a quarter

Christian v. CM Punk-10PM slot-This is Christian's return match from his injury and he had no reaction at all.  Jericho was on the tron and talked about Punk's sister and dad and then said that his parents got married after Punk's birth and that makes Punk a literal bastard.  Christian tried to use this distraction to his advantage but it didn't work.  They both fought outside for a second until Punk gained control and started destroying Christian.  He hit the GTS on the steps and put in the Anaconda Vise as the officials came out to stop him.  He kept yelling "this is you Jericho."  The match was thrown out I guess.  Decent stuff here but nothing new for the feud and the match at Mania.  Nothing special.

Brodus Clay v. Curt Hawkins-Usual Brodus match as Hawkins got a little offense but got shut down and Clay hit the splash for the win.  They have to find something new for Clay as this stuff is getting old.  It's the same thing every time we see him.  The reaction for him was soft.  *

Big Show v. Primo-Total squash on Primo as Show hit a chokeslam for the win in a quick match.  Afterwards, Rosa came in to distract Show as Epico tried to attack Show but he just got chokeslammed too.  Cody came out and insulted Show and said he will win and still be champion after Mania.  *

Lord Tensai video aired.

The Bellas are in the back arguing about the 12-man tag at Mania when Ryder interrupts and accidently insults them.  Eve comes from behind and says she forgives him for last week.  She wants him to stay at her hotel in Miami for Mania and Ryder is excited for that.  Throwaway segment.

Josh Matthews interviews Punk who says that his family is off limits with Jericho.  He can insult him all he wants but not his family.  He said he's not a bastard but he is the best wrestler in the world.

Great Khali v. Mark Henry-Khali got some chops going and went for his choke but Henry hit the World's Strongest Slam for the win.  Ace threw Teddy in with Henry who held him for a few minutes from leaving.  Lauranaitis called out his team to block Teddy's team from making the save.  By the way, Christian was injured and won't be in the match at Mania and Drew Macintyre is his replacement.  Teddy's team tries to save him but they get blocked.  Kofi got threw but ate a Slam from Henry.  Henry went to attack Teddy but Booker T made the save for him.  Teddy thanked him and asked him to join his team and Booker accepted and hit a spin-a-rooinie.

The Rock comes out and said everyone was asking him when he would come back but he always said he didn't know.  He finally knew when at last year's Mania and at the RAW after Mania when Cena challenged him.  Finally he will return on Sunday at Mania and there's only one man he could face and it's John Cena.  Cena comes out and tries to save the show.  He knows he'll get booed at Mania in Miami.  Despite all the criticism and trash talking towards him, he still comes to work happy with a smile on his face.  He rises above all of that and still wins and he's going to win at Mania.  He came across like a total douche here.  He said he's always been here and been proud and he won't allow The Rock to take his life away from him.  With a fiery flare, he said he has to win on Sunday.  The Rock interrupts by saying he knows it is important at Mania.  He said he was the first opponent Cena has faced that the people know he can't overcome and never before has anyone been able to say that.  At Wrestlemania, The Rock wants to be able to say he has beaten Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, and Cena and he is the greatest of all-time.  Plain and simple, The Rock just doesn't like Cena and he is going to give him the ass kicking of a lifetime.  Cena responded by saying he will have his hand raised in victory over The Rock's battered carcass at Mania and they stared each other down for the finale.  Yup, they never touched, not once.

This was one of the worst RAWs in recent memory.  The only decent stuff was the opening tag match, the Punk stuff, and most of the final segment.  I wish they would have touched at the end and I'm sure a lot of other feel the same way.  Plain and simple, this was a bad show.  In my head, my original prediction for Mania buys was between 1 million and 1.1 million but now I'm starting to wonder how big of a difference The Rock will actually make for buys.  The build-up for his match has been dull and uninteresting, for the most part.

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