Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012 RAW-Creative Has Nothing For You

For a RAW that we knew would have The Rock, HBK, HHH, and Cena on it, this wasn't that great.  The fire from last week's final segment with Cena and Rock wasn't there.  I missed the write-up for last week but I'm here for this show so here goes...

HBK starts out the show and saw HHH accept the match with Taker for WrestleMania two weeks ago.  He came to RAW to find out what made HHH change his mind.  HHH comes out but got interrupted by Shawn as he wanted to show him the clip from RAW two weeks ago where Taker said HBK was better than HHH.  These two acted like subtle enemies and the tension between the two was apparent.  HHH said he wanted to do what HBK couldn't and make him proud.  HBK then announced he would be the guest ref for the match at WM with Taker.  Pretty good segment here, as it should be expected.  Good way to start things off.

Jack Swagger vs. Santino for the US Title is next and this thing was way overbooked.  First, Ace and Otunga come out followed by Teddy, Kofi, and Aksana (who has a great ass, btw).  Did I mention that my wife thinks Swagger looks like the son of Biff Tannin?  Swagger was sporting a BTTF Part 2 Biff 1985 A haircut tonight too.  Remember when Marty went to confront Biff about the almanac and Biff went to shoot him but Marty jumped off the roof of Biff's place onto the Deloreon?  Anyway, that scene was way better than this segment.  Santino did nail the cobra on Dolph who did a 360 bump off the apron.  A lot of other shit happened involving Teddy and Johnny to set up their match at WM but I don't feel like writing it all down as I already wrote enough as is.  Swagger had the ankle lock on Santino but Santino reversed it and hit a roll-up for the win.  Ace tried to reverse it but since Teddy was GM for the night, he kicked Ace out.  I think this was the only time Teddy was even shown or really talked about tonight too.  I just have a feeling Ace will end up as GM for both shows.  Teddy does get a good amount of heat and I hope they don't just forget about him if he loses the GM spot.

The Rock does the first of three history lesson videos from around Boston.  He's on a ship talking about the Boston Tea Party and compares Cena to the British in the American Revolution, which was a common theme for the night.  Rock had a table full of Cena merchandise that he made fun of and threw in the water.  Rocky was on fire with this compared to last week.  He says The Rock Revolution begins tonight.

Alicia Fox vs. Eve-Alicia got jobber intro'd and Kelly was on commentary but was an afterthought except to promote her appearance on the Nick Awards show.  This match felt like a ballet but I guess that's not a surprise or anything.  Eve won with a roll-up in a really quick match but she was spreading her legs towards the hard camera for the finish, which was nice!  Out comes the returning Ryder who says broskis before hoeskis and leaves.  He got a good pop though.

After a commercial, Ryder is walking backstage and Eve catches up to him and makes out with him.  Ryder then smiled like it was his first kiss ever, which made him look like a total geek.  Why can't they just show his net show on RAW or something instead of making him look like a total loser who is completely hopeless in life?

Cena was shown in a video sitting in the empty arena talking about his match with Rocky.  He wants and needs to win at WM as no one will remember second place.  WM 28 is his legacy and this whole segment really put over WM but it won't get the WWE that split reaction they want for WM.  He's still going to get heel heat with stuff like this.

CM Punk/Sheamus vs. Jericho/Daniel Bryan-This was a pretty decent match with a good ride home to the finish.  At one point, Jericho had Punk in a crossface chicken wing, which I liked being a Bob Backlund mark.  Punk hit a hot tag to Sheamus and Sheamus' comeback wasn't amazing and didn't get the reaction you'd want.  Sheamus did end up countering a Jericho bulldog by tossing him into the corner, which looked great.  Sheamus got a second hot tag for Punk, who had a fiery comeback more so than Sheamus.  I'm probably nitpicking here though as Sheamus did look pretty solid out there.  Punk hit a small package on Jericho who reversed it for the clean win.  This was the best match of the show but not really amazing.

Rock history segment 2 is next as he asks what if Cena had been in Paul Revere's spot in the American Revolution.  Rocky said he would have gotten a time machine and went back and kicked Cena's ass and Paul Revere would have been yelling that The Rock was coming.  Pretty good stuff here, especially for the wackiness of The Rock getting a time machine!

The Miz vs. The Big Show-Miz got a proper entrance but I knew he wouldn't last long and I was right.  Cody Rhodes came out and showed a video of Show eating at the WWF restaurant in New York for WM 18.  The Miz then tried to take advantage of this distraction but failed as Show hit a spear and then the WMD on Miz for the finish.  The Miz showed little to nothing in this match, by the way.

Rock history lesson 3 was up and he said Cena will be overthrown at WM just like the British were.  This was not as good as the first two segments.

R-Truth v. Kane-Truth had some wacky promo during his entrance with horrible delivery.  Truth did get some offense in though compared to the last match with The Miz.  He did not win though as Kane hit the chokeslam for the finish.  I know this is old news but Truth is really solid out there.  He bumped like crazy for a snap mare and is always very fiery.  Orton came out, Truth distracted Kane, and Orton hit the RKO and said that it's good to be back.  I still don't give a damn about this program.

Cena comes out to address The Rock and compared him to The Situation from Jersey Shore.  That's because Rock was referencing his wang during one of the history segments.  He talked about how Rock was shook up from last week but that his swagger was back apparently.  Cena did not want Dwayne for WM but he wanted The Rock and he called him out.  Rocky came out and said he saw fear in Cena that Rock was taking everything away.  Some of the fans started chanting for Cena but were drowned out by boos.  Did I mention that RAW was in Boston?  There's no way in hell Cena will get any type of face reaction at WM, no matter what the WWE does.  Rocky says he's never been more confident and that Cena will always be The Rock's bitch and he leaves.  Cena stays and says he's not afraid and that he will make history by beating The Rock at WM.  This was quite uneventful and The Rock just wasn't there for this.  This was probably as bad for The Rock as last week but it wasn't as long.  Cena was still walking the line between heel and face but he was more face and less edgy than last week.  In other words, he was way less cool than The Rock but he is still over, which is all that matters.  I just can't wait until he goes full heel as he's going to be great in that role as evident from his amped-up cockiness these last couple shows. 

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